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Feathery Six Point Star

from The Workbasket
Vol. 12 Num. 12
September 1947

This versatile piece is suited for chair sets, tablecloths, runners, and any number of things; it is elegant also for a tray cloth. We have used nuber 30 crochet thread and a size 12 hook. It takes about 13 yards of thread for one medallion.

  • Motif Center: Ch 10, sl st to first ch to form a ring.
  • RND 1: Ch 3, 17 dc in ring. Join with sl st to top of ch 3.
  • RND 2: Ch 10, sc in fourth ch from hook to form a p (picot). *Tr in next dc. Ch 6, sc in tr (to from a p). Repeat from * until 18 trs and 18 ps are made, join with a sl st to first tr.
  • RND 3: *Ch 8, dtr in second p, ch 5, dtr in same p. Ch 8 sk one p, sc between ps. Repeat from * until 6 points are made. Join last ch 8, at beginning of the first with a sl st.
  • RND 4: *10 sc in ch 8, 7 trs and 7 ps in ch 5 (like center). 10 sc in next ch 8. Repeat from * around the 6 points; cut and fasten thread.

    To Join Motifs: Lay motifs together, one point of one to one poit of an adjacent motif. Join by the middle p of second motif as it is made. Make a row of them the desired length; then make a second row, join them together as the first but also join them to the first by crocheting 2 points of the latter to 2 points of the former as illustrated. This leaves 2 inside ps free on each of the 4 points.

    Inset: Make a circle the same as in the center of the star, completing round 1.

  • RND 2: Ch 10,sc in fourth ch form the chook to form a p. *Tr in dc. ch 10, to begin triangle, sl st in first p of a point (where one point of 1 motif is joined to one point of another). Ch 10, sl st in like p of point in second motif. Ch 10, sc at the base of first ch 10. Tr in dc, p, tr in next dc, p, tr, ch 3, join to the third p of the next point, ch 3 to completer p. 2 more trs and ps; tr, half p, join to like p of the next point on this motif to finish p. 2 trs and ps. Repeat from * around; fasten off.

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