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Welcome to my crochet pages. Crochet is one of my passions that grows more and more each day due to my dear friends that I have met through the crochet list. I had given up crocheting a year or so ago. Just put it aside and didn't touch it again. Nothing really caught my eye as far as patterns went, and I just never picked up the hook again. I joined the crochet list to get some motivation - and I got so much more! What a great bunch of people!

My mother taught me how to crochet years ago. I remember being a child sitting on the sofa crocheting miles of chain - and then rolling it up into a ball - a BIG ball. Don't know what happened it, but I remember being so proud of how much I did. As the years went on, I picked up my crocheting, and then would stop for awhile, then would pick it back up again. I did this on and off until I was about 16 then went hog wild. Crocheted ever since, until about a year after my mom died. Then I put it down, and didn't have an interest in it any more. Maybe it was connected to her death, don't know - but now I'm in full swing!

In these pages you will find lots of information for crocheting including links and patterns. Since this is a new page - I will be updating it and adding new information and patterns frequently. Hope you find something that interests you and hope you will return soon!

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