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My Favorite Cooking Links N-Z

Here you will find listed some of my favorite links N-Z. If you would like to view my favorite links A-M, please click here. If any links are broken, please let me know so I may fix them. If you know of any good links not listed, please email me and let me know so I may add them to this page and share them.

Nabisco: All types of information including recipes using Nabisco products

Nancy's Recipes: A nice site with lots of great recipes - a feast for the eyes as well as the palate!

National Pork Producers Council: Want some great pork recipes? Want some cool kids food recipes? How about information on pork? This is the website to visit!

New Jimmy G'scake Newsletter: A must see! More recipes than one can imagine - in MasterCook format too!

Neosoft Recipes Archive: An extensive recipe archive that comes from the and other newsgroups.

OAMC - Cook for a Day/Eat for a Month: Once-a-Month Cooking is a great site full of information to stock your freezer and make life easier!

PaceTown Home Page: If you are a fan of Pace products, then you need to stop by and grab a few recipes!

Peanut Butter Lover's Club: No introduction is needed for this page - If you love PB, then you have to check this out!

Period and Camping Cooking Links: Do you need some ideas from a 14th century English feast, or maybe some 18th century recipes? This is a great site! One that needs to be explored just for the history, if nothing else!!! Contains over 500 pie recipes - a great place to locate that lost pie recipe.

Pizza: Anything and everything you'd like to know about pizza - history, links and recipes.

The Poverty Cookbook: "A resource of recipes and ideas to stretch your food budget and eat better."

Rachel's Recipe Page: Lots of recipes! These were found on newsgroups, mailing list and web pages.

Real Food For Real People: This is an excellent site and fantastic email list! If you are not signed up yet, don't waste another minute! OnLine!: Like newsgroups but not the spam? This lists recipes by day as they appeared on the newsgroup - posted by name and no spam!

Recipe Buster: Free download of the famous Recipe Buster for MasterCook and MealMaster. A fantastic program that saves you all that typing to put all those great recipes you find on webpages into a MC or MM format!

Recipe Center: Search over 10,000 recipes, has recipe of the day, recommended recipes for the holidays, plus your own recipe manager.

Recipe Exchange Group (REG): This is a fantastic group to belong to! If you want to increase your recipes - this is the way to do it. It's fun and easy!!

Recipe Guys: A really neat site - with free membership! Here is one you'll want to join and bookmark!

Recipes Archive: So many recipes! Like making your own mixes? You can find lots of recipes to make your own here.

Red Lobster Recipes: Recipes for seafood

Sally's Place: The "award-winning culinary site that spans the international food scene.

Sara's Kitchen: Neat page! Has cute graphics, as well as many great recipes. Don't miss this one! I love the spice and seasoning mixes she has listed!

Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (SOAR): An archive of recipes from all nations plus! Great source to find what you are looking for. Hope you have lots of time! Tons of recipes!

Seasoned Cooking: A must see site of recipes, newsletter, archives... so many great features, it's hard to list!

Shawn's Recipe Kitchen: Filled with recipes - and some mouthwatering ones at that! There's also a giveaway and you can subscibe to the newsletter and mailing list

Sierra Home-Cooking Message Board: Trade questions and tips about MasterCook, share favorite recipes, and talk about everything cooking.

SKAARUP'S QUICK FUDGE RECIPES: You can find some yummy fudge recipes here!

Southern American Cuisine: This site has over 500 crockpot recipes and so much more!!!!

Southern Living Online: The famous Southern Living magazine needs no introductions! Here it is online with lots of great info and great recipes.

Sun-Maid Raisin Recipes: Lots of recipes using Sun-Maid Raisins

Sweet Tooth Pod: One of Tripod's pods dedicated to that sweet tooth to makes you grow limp with anticipation when you see your favorite confection. Even a message board and newsletter, plus tons of links.

TNT Recipes List!: Great site to find those Tried And True recipes! Also a great list to be a member of!

Texas Peppers Home Page: You'll find "Texas recipes for cooking that great Texas BBQ or just about any thing your heart desires."

Thanksgiving If you're looking for great Thanksgiving recipes - you must stop here! A really interesting site - full of Tomato Soup recipes and information. Some recipes look GREAT!

Top Secret Recipes On the Web: Do you have a brand name food that you love? Want to try to recreate it in your kitchen? If so, this is the site for you!

Unofficial Global Internet Bread Recipe Archive: This site has lots of bread recipes. If you are looking for another bread machine recipe, you must stop here!

Vegetables: Zucchini Recipes: Overrun with zucchini? Here's some great ways of preparing them. Maybe after you visit this page, you'll decide not to give any more away!

Vegetarian Crockpot Recipes: A few Vegetarian recipes - some look really interesting.

Vickie's Crock Pot Recipes: Have a crock pot and need some recipes? Vicki should have some you will want to try.

The Village Bakery: A great site to find out how to make your own bread. Includes an intro to sourdough, a forum, tricks, recipe bin and more.

What do we do with the...Zucchini?: Recipes for condiments, snacks, side dishes, breads/muffins, cakes/cookies, pies and desserts all using zucchini! This site is a must!

What's Cooking?: This is a nice site full of recipes that I can't wait to try! This one's a keeper!

The Wooden Spoon: How about an authentic Italian feast starting with appetizers and ending with the most impressive dessert you’ve ever seen or tasted? You have to visit this site.

Working Mom's Internet Refuge/What's For Dinner?: Great site for those that need a good meal fast.

Yum Yum Recipes: The title says it all! Site is loaded with recipes - but there's so little time! A must to bookmark!

The Yummy Book: An online cookbook with a very low membership fee. Has sample recipes for you to try. Check this one out.

Please email me if you find some broken links, or would like to suggest a site to be included here. Thanks!!!!

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