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My Favorite Cooking Links A-M

Here you will find listed some of my favorite links. Listed here are links A-M. To view N-Z CLICK HERE. If any links are broken, please let me know so I may fix them. If you know of any good links not listed, please email me and let me know so I may add them to this page and share them.

101 Recipe Links: Browse this site for a good variety of recipe sites on the internet.

"Aa-a-a-hh-h-h, Now You're Cooking!": Here is the site for wonderful down home southern cooking! This is one you don't want to miss!

All About Food Crockpot Recipes: TONS of crockpot recipes! If you love your crockpot, you'll love this site!

Barbecues and Grilling: Summer is coming and good weather always sparks the desire to grill. Here is a site that will give you all the information you need to know about grilling plus lots of good recipes.

Better Homes Kitchen: The recipes and information that everyone loves and expects from Better Homes and Gardens. Contains many features including some talk groups (bulletin boards with lots of great recipes!).

Bread Bakers Digest: Great source for bread recipes and solving your bread baking problems! Sign up for the digest/newsletter and have recipes delivered right to your email mailbox! Or just search the digests online!

Bread Machine Magic: Do you love your bread machine? Wish you had more recipes? Want help with a problem? This site contains recipes, hints, and information on books.

Burleson's Honey: Love honey? This page has all the information you'll need to cook with it, including some nice recipes! There's even a quiz, lore and kid's page!

Cheesecakes: If you are crazy about cheesecakes, you need to visit this link. There are some really mouthwatering ones listed!

Busy Cooks: It seems we all have those busy days where we need good nutritious but easy meals. This site is a must to visit. Contains Mixes, cooking for the freezer, quick recipes, and more!!!!

Cake Decorator's Cyber-Home: Do you love to decorate cakes? Here's a web page for cake decorating!

Cakes In A Jar: Want to know how to make a cake in a jar for a gift? Here's where to go.

Cake Sooo many cakes - over 1000 recipes! If you looking for a cake recipe - you may find it here.

Chef Older's World of Food & More: Neat place to find information about cookbook reviews, recipes, links, travel, and more. I just love his little town map on the open page of his site!

Chicken of the Sea: Lots of seafood recipes here and not just tuna!

ChiliDog's Kitchen: Has online recipes, menus, cooking tips, mailing lists, and so much more. A great site - and a favorite of mine.

Chocolate Recipes from Godiva: This is the place to go to get some serious chocolate lover recipes! Never again will you be at a loss when the "need" hits you! Filled with great Christmas recipes - that are perfect for any time of the year.

Chyrel's Recipe Box: There are so many recipes here - some that are soooo good! A must visit site.

Collected Recipes: Many recipes for all occasions including holidays

Cookbooks Online: Data base to over 1 million recipes!!! You must be a registered usere - but registration is free!!!

Cookie Need some cookie recipes? Here's where you need to go! Has lots of information, advice, recipes, and shopping information. - Recipes For Every Cook!

CopyKat Creations: "Now you can make dishes from giants such as Boston Market, Olive Garden and Bennigans AT HOME!"

Cranberry Recipes: I Love cranberries, so this page is a must for me! So many great recipes and so little time to buy fresh cranberries!

Crockpot Cooking:'s Busy Cooks featured Crockpot cooking in April '98. You will find tips, tried and true recipes, links and more.

Crockpot Recipe Index: Brought to you by the Mining Co, this has TONS of crockpot recipes broken down in categories.

Crockpot Recipes: A searchable online database. Has some great recipes listed here. Take time to browse the whole site.

CrockPot Recipes: Another great site to find Crock Pot recipes! Has more than 600 recipes now!!!

CrockPot Recipes: Long list of recipes listing all types of crockpot recipes from soups and stews to Streusel Pound Cake.

Crockpot Recipes & Info Index at WYK: Probably the BEST site to find a crockpot recipe or 2. Lists sites and what recipes they contain. I use this frequently!

Crockpot Soups Favorite Recipes: A dozen or so soup recipes for the crockpot including a 15-Bean soup.

Culinary Cafe: Ohhhhh.... all the delightful recipes! Make sure you sign up for the newsletter while you are here! I've made some mouthwatering foods from this site!

Dayle's Growlies For Groups: Large quantity recipes and lots of them. I love this site! I use it for Mega Cooking and freezing!

Dayle's Incredible Links and More: Great site! Has a variety of things from mystery site, to weekly recipe updates, to Quantity cooking recipes! You'll want to bookmark this one!

Desserts and Baking: Whenever I have a question I can't seem to answer, I always seem to turn to the Mining Co. This site is a must for everyone's bookmarks.

Diana's Kitchen: There are tons of recipes here, from crock pot to reader's favorites, to holidays. Plan to spend some time and collect a few more recipes!!!

Dia's Kitchen Corner: Has Make-A-Mix, crockpot, and Money Saver recipes and also recipes in both MealMaster and MasterCook formats!

Down Home Southern Cooking (at it's best): Ohhhh - a site after my own heart! Stop here for some great Southern Cooking! Great site to find chicken recipes plus much more like safe handling, grilling, contests, and more.

Ebba's Edible Cafe: Site with lots of links and a link to Cooking For Fun mailing list.

Emma's Recipepage: Has searchable database with almost 4000 recipes in English and 200 in Swedish. Also features a recipe of the week, Unit- convertation program, and more.

Epicurious Food: So much information on one site! It is broken down in 3 main categories: Eating, Drinking, and Playing With Your Food. Great place to spend some time!

Fall Harvest Recipes: Part of - this site has fall recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, & breads.

Favorite Cookie Recipes: Some wonderful heirloom recipes! Make sure you explore the site while you're here!

Food, Glorious Food: Lots of recipes from the average to the unique! I like this site! Interesting page full of great information! Recipes, menu of the week, ask the cyberchef, so much that I can't list it all.

Gail's Page: Gail has lots of great "stuff" here - including downloads of Weight Watchers and Cooking Light in MasterCook format

Garry's Home Cookin': Garry has a great collection here! Must have a peak and see some of the wonderful things he has recipes for! Plus you can even download these in MasterCook format.

Gifts In A Jar: Perfect place to find great recipes to give for the holidays! A must see sight!!

Granny's Kitchen: Here you'll find lots of downhome type recipes, a weekly newsletter, card shop, reader's exchange forum and more! I just love the newsletter - lots of tips and a great recipe.

Hershey Foods Homepage: Life would not be complete without a link to Hershey's! Especially being a chocolate nut like me - it would almost be a sin to omit it!

Home Canning Online: An excellent source for the home canner. Has online magazine, tips, recipes, forum, etc.

Home Cooking: Here is a fun site! You can find all sorts of information about food - preparation, kid's recipes, software, recipe collections, etc.

HomeArts Recipe Finder: A nice search that allows you to be as specific as you like.

Home-Made Biscuit Recipes: WARNING! These are recipes for DOGS.

Homemade Goodies by Harriet: If you love to's the place to go!!! This site is run by an Independent Kitchen Consultant and is filled with recipes. Take a peek, you'll be happy you did!

In The Kitchen With Chef Tell: I love Chef Tell, and here are his recipes from his show. Yummmm.... My mouth waters every time I watch him!

Index of /recipes/breads-machine: Nice long list of bread machine recipes.

The Inquisitive Cook: Become more confident in your cooking by learning from the The Inquisitive Cook.

iVillage Food: Nice site full of information and message boards - this site has too much to list!!

Jam, jelly and marmalade pages: oh my! What wonderful and unusual recipes! If you love making jams/jellies then this is a must see site!

Jellophile the Jellomaniac's Manual : Do you find yourself making Jello recipes? Do you love to collect them? This is the site for you!!!!

The Joan And Larry Ross Homepage: Great page to learn about baking! Has online baking primers! Culinary Questions and resource page, links, more!

Kathleen's Recipe Swap Homepage: Tons of zipped recipes to download!!!

Kid's Kitchen Magic: Created in an effort to provide you with some delicious treats for kids to eat or to make.

King Arthur Flour: Contians tips, recipes and online ordering. I've ordered from this company and have been EXTREMELY satisfied!

The Kitchen Link: This is a great site!!! More recipes than one could ever imagine!!!!!

Kountry Cook: Cajun/Creole style cooking site with lots of good recipes

Live Well Be Well: An online magazine by the Quaker Oats Company. Lots of great information and recipes for both adults and kids.

Les Full of food, wine and golf! THIS IS A GREAT SITE!! A definate must to bookmark - and for all you chocolate lovers, there's even a link about chocolate!

Low Fat Cooking: Lots of information on low fat cooking. Recipes, fat facts, nutritional information and more.

Mad's Recipe Emporium: A great site for MasterCook format recipes!!

Make Your Own Mixes: A great resource from the Mining Co. Save money and make your own!

Making Flavored Oils & Vinegars: If you ever wanted to try making flavored vinegars and oils - this site is for you!

Master Mixes: Lots of great mix recipes! Make your own groceries without preservatives!

MasterCook Recipe Import Tutorial: MasterCook is a great software program, but sometimes we all have questions - Gail has the answers!

Mastercook III Recipe Archive: Archive full of recipes all in mastercook format - ready to download

Meal-Master Recipe Database: Download the free software, add to your recipe collection, lots of links - and compatible with MasterCook! - All Things Cooking!: Cooking, food, fun & games, ask the chef, links, surveys, polls, more!

Mimi's Cyber Kitchen: Has food, cooking recipes, links, and more! The site to find anything you might want!

Mr. Food On HomeArts: Another Mr. Food Site. This one seems to be his own. You can win one of his cookbooks, so make sure you enter the drawing. There's a new one each month.

The Mr. Food Recipe Archive: Do you love Mr. Food? Oh, there are so many of his great recipes here. The Chocolate Sin is one that the kids like to help make!

Mrs. B's Country Kitchen: So many wonderful things found here - recipes, measures, just too many to list. A must see site!

Please email me if you find some broken links, or would like to suggest a site to be included here. Thanks!!!!

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