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Fall Crafts

I love to craft, and when I have free time, I try to do a few crafts that will make my home look more seasonal. I found some wonderful projects on the web that I would like to share with you, because I'm sure you may want to try a few for yourself. These project links will take you off Tweezle's pages, but a click on the back button will bring you right back.

With fall in full swing here, I needed some good fall crafts. These will certainly give your home some fall spirit!!!

Painted Candle Holders & Shades - Although these are not designed for autumn - by just painting them autumn colors and adding leaves, etc. you can easily add these to your fall decor.

Chunky Candles - These candles are just beautiful! Just by changing the colors and the embellishments, you can get so many looks! This is one you'll have to bookmark!

Mr. Scarecrow - This scarecrow is easy to make and only uses a few items - mostly raffia for the "authentic" look. This project is designed for children, but anyone would enjoy this project.

Spool Scarecrows - An easy to make scarecrow using 5 spools, a wooden ball and a few odds and ends. Make a whole family to display!

"Fall"-in for You - Do you need a special card for fall? How about a nice way to decorate the fridge? This is a simple, yet really nice project that you will enjoy making and giving.

Harvey The Scarecrow - An adorable scarecrow make from Sculpey clay. This would make a wonderful addition to any fall decor!

Autumn Leaves Vessels 'n Votives - Take an ordinary bottle or votive and turn it into something special with a little bit of Sculpey to make a beautiful piece of art.

Mums The Word - Make this beautiful mum and oak leaf wreath to hang anywhere in your home. How about putting it on your door to welcome all your guests with?

Treat Wreath - When making your holiday decor, don't forget the family dog! This wreath is made just for him!

Autumn Table Setting - Paint a beautiful table setting to truely bring the fall to your table.

People Feeders - These are so adorable! The directions call for a People feeder, which I have found out is a NEW chicken feeder. The feeders are quick and easy and soooo cute!

Mr. Turkey Candy Dispenser - Here's a nice project that is quick and easy for the kids. Use a small box of Whoppers and a few pompoms, fun foam and a couple odd and ends, and you have a neat dispenser in no time!

Touch of Autumn - With a wooden frame, a box, dried flowers, and paint, you can make a very pretty set to proudly display in your home.

Friendship Wreath - This wreath can be for any season! It is fast, and uses many of the items that are onhand. Make it in a neutral color, so you can use it all the time, just change the decorations, or make one for every season!

Colorful Spirals: Coiled Baskets - Make these baskets in fall colors, or change the colors to match your decor. They are quick and easy , and so useful!

Scarecrow Basket & Wreath - This project uses purchased items for a quick and easy craft.

Tom Turkey Pin - This project is so cute that your kids will have to do one! It uses only a few Woodsies pieces and a little paint - and you have a great project the kids will be proud of.

Scarecrow Hat Decor - This project is just adorable! With an 18" Straw hat and a few other items, you can have a scarecrow to decorate your door within 1/2 hour!

Welcome Harvest Centerpiece - I like this centerpiece, but I usually don't purchase the wood items that are listed - I make my own. Whatever you choose to do, this is a lovely way to bring autum to your table!

Fall Leaves Table Runner - Make this leaf table runner in just 2 hours. You need some sewing knowledge - but it is a beginner level, so sewing doesn't really pose a problem for the non-sewer.

Autumn Leaves Lamp & Shade - This is a really neat project. Once you get the hang of how it is done, you won't want to stop at just leaves!!!

Apple Lantern - Get ready to recycle some of those juice cans and turn them into a really neat lamp with lots of country charm!

Scented Fall Braid - Decorate a raffia braid with fall florals and potpourri - makes a wonderful smelling fall decoration!

Fall Leaf Place Mat - This is a wonderful way to add some fall decorating to your table with just a bit of fabric, silk leaves and some paint!

Crafts for Kids - These are easy to do crafts for the kids to celebrate autumn with. There are just too many here to list, so I'm just posting the site that has them all. What a great place to start looking for kids autumn crafts!!!

Fall Centerpieces - Fast and interesting ideas to make centerpieces brought to you by the Interior Decorating Guide.

Door and Window Decorating Ideas - Another great set of decorating ideas from These will give you great ideas to build on.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece - A neat and inexpensive way to decorate the table. This is also a great project for the kids to do.

Candle making - You can get as involved as you want here - either maked the easy rolled candles, or try your hand at the molded candles. Either one looks great on the fall table, bringing that warm glow that only candles can give.

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