Tweezle's Pantry

Welcome to my pantry! This section is a record of what things I'm putting up on my pantry shelves this year. I'll also list where I obtained my recipe from, so that if you'd like to add anything I've made to your shelves, you'll know where to find the recipe.




1 quart garlic cloves in oil (refrigerated)
1 batch Sweet Cherry Jam
1 batch canned peaches
1 batch peach pie filling
1 batch Peach Brandy Jam
1 1/2 batches Peach Jam
1 1/2 batches Spiced Peach Jam
1 batch Spicy Habanero pepper Jelly
1 batch Habanero Pepper Sauce
2 batches Barbecued Hot Peppers
1 batch Jim's Salsa (from Countryside Magazine)
1/2 batch Pickled Peppers
13 quarts and 5 pints tomatoes
4 quarts pears
1 batch Spiced Pear Jam
1 1/2 batches Pear Jam
1/2 batch Squash Relish from Heinz pickling booklet(DD made these!)
1 batch Tomato & Corn Relish from "The Joy of Pickling"
7 quarts and 1 pint Apple Sauce
2 batches Caramel Apple Butter
1 batch Apple Butter
10 pints meatballs
3 pints browned hamburger
6 pints hamburger with onions and peppers in tomato juice
7 pints hamburger with onions and peppers in water
1 batch Pineapple Sauce/Topping
3 batches Pickled Peppers


5 batches Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
4 packages sliced onions for French Onion Soup (6 generous cups each)
26 cups chopped onions for cooking
3 packages chopped chives
3 pints peaches - sweetened
1/2 gallon bag flash frozen peach slices
7 quarts (generous) green beans
8 packages grated zucchini
1 quart flash frozen green bell peppers
3 generous quarts chopped green bell peppers
1 quart flash frozen Cubanelle peppers
4 generous quarts Cubanelle peppers
1 pint flash frozen red cherry peppers
1 batch Vera's Apricot-Zucchini Jam
6 pie crusts from "30 Day Gourmet"
9 generous quarts corn


2 trays sweet cherries
5 trays onions
2 trays zucchini slices
3 trays peach fruit leather
3 trays hot peppers
23 trays apple slices
6 trays apple snacks
2 trays apples sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar


Dried mint for tea
Echinacea tincture
2 quarts frozen chopped parsley
28 cubes frozen chopped parsley in water

Some Favorites from Times Past

26 quarts Maple Syrup
3 pints Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
10 half pints Dandelion Jelly
4 half pints Orange Dandelion Jelly
4 half pints Lemon Dandelion Jelly
3 pints Blueberry/Rhubarb Jam - "Lasagna Gardening"
8 half pints Lilac Jelly
5 pints Blackberry Jelly - Sure-jell insert
6 half pints Rhubarb-Strawberry-Orange Conserve - Ball Bluebook 1994 edition
1 quart Chive Blossom Vinegar (1&1/2 quarts still steeping) - "Lasagna Gardening"


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