There are so many ways you can cut back on your spending habits without depriving yourself. Just by following a few of my suggestions can result in a savings. My husband always teases that I'm tighter than tight and can make my pennies squeak. I like to treat living on one income as a challenge, and when I succeed, it really feels like an accomplishment!

I will continue to add to this page as time allows. I hope you will find it useful!

If you have some suggestions, comments or hints you would like to share, please email me. God Bless!

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Frugal Tips

Here is a fantastic way to get free internet service without changing your ISP! All you need to do is sign up and then download their ad-bar (which is about the size of a toolbar) and run it when you are on the net. I've used it for a couple of months and the ads are not distractive and one can really make a nice profit just for having it up. Make sure you check this one out!


  • Do you get spam? Sure! Everyone does!! Now use it to your advantage by getting rewarded for reading it!!! It's fast and easy to do! Just click on the graphic, fill in the survey, and you're off!! That simple and a great way to get free stuff!
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  • I love this site! I've gotten more free stuff of the net than one could imagine! All you need to do is click on the button and feast your eyes on lots of free things to get for just a little time!!!

  • Gift tags always seem in short supply when you need them. To make beautiful tags, just cut tag shapes out of an old card. They really look nice and you are not limited on shapes or sizes when you make them yourself.

  • Eggs are expensive - and it seems that you never have enough on hand when you need them. Here's a tried and true substitute for eggs when baking or making pancakes: Substitute one heaping tablespoon of SOY FLOUR and one tablespoon of water for a egg. This only works when baking or making pancakes. I've tried this over and over - in muffins, cornbread, meatloaf, pancakes, cakes, etc and NO ONE can tell the difference!!!!! We've done the side by side tests on this and the only one that knew was me :-)

  • Dryer sheets are costly, but you can make a box last at least twice as long. I cut my sheets in half and have found no difference in their performance. Someone wrote to me and said she does hers in thirds and still has good results! Guess what I'll be trying next time.

  • During the winter season, when the heat is on, it seems everyone seems to get dry skin. We tried moisturizer after moisturizer with not much success. Then I tried a mixture of one part Pure Glycerine and 2 parts water and it worked! A 4 ounce bottle of Glycerin can be purchased at your local pharmacy for just a couple dollars, and it lasts a long time!

  • Dry, cracked lips are another problem during the winter. Just use a little Crisco shortening on your lips, and you won't have any more problems!

  • With butter getting so expensive these days, I do a little trick to stretch it, and make it just a little more healthy. I take a cup of butter and combine it with 3/4 cup of canola oil in the blender or food processor. It makes a nice spread - and still tastes like butter! No one really has ever noticed the difference!

  • Add more protein to your meatloaf and cut down on fat content. Drain a can of red kidney beans, mash them and add them to your favorite meatloaf recipe.

  • Another way to stretch your meatloaf is by adding TVP (textured vegetable protein) to your favorite meatloaf recipe. Makes a nice firm loaf - but I don't care for the flavor after it is frozen and rewarmed.

  • Try a vegetarian chili with tofu instead of meat. I got the recipe off the bottom of the tofu package, but halved the amount of tofu that was called for. My family really enjoyed it! So much for saying I'd never eat that stuff!!

  • Paper products can be expensive, so use rags, dishcloths, old socks, etc. in place of paper towels; cloth napkins in place of paper ones, and cloth hankies in place of tissues.

  • You can use up to half of your laundry detergent and still get the same results! Even by cutting your detergent by 1/4th - you can save a sizeable amount in a year!

  • Want an unlisted number, but don't want to pay extra for it? Use your pet's name or your child's middle name to put in the listings. Anyone that calls asking for your pet or child, isn't anyone you know or probably want to talk to.

  • When baking a loaf of quick bread or a casserole, why not double or triple the recipe and make extras to freeze? This will save on your utility bill!

  • Make your own dryer sheets. Just take an old washcloth, dip it in a solution of half liquid fabric softener and water, ring it out, and toss it in the dryer with the clothes to be dried.

  • Buy your items in bulk - but be careful and watch the prices. Sometimes bulk doesn't save you money and it's actually cheaper to buy small convenience sizes!

  • Turn your heat back to 60 at night. If you don't like getting up in the cold, you can purchase a thermostat timer to turn the heat on just before you get up.

  • Make your own mixes to cut back on the grocery bill. You'd be surprised how much you can save with your own mixes, and you know what is in them!

  • Always wash a full load of laundry when you wash clothes. Also use cold water to save on the hot water bill. Clothes still get as clean.

  • To cut back on your water usage, water your plants with the water you let run when you want hot or cold water. You'd be surprised how much you let go down the drain!

  • Shop at yard sales and thrift stores to get clothes. Many times you can find brand new items still with tags, for a fraction of the cost of new!

  • Check your insurance policies for hidden savings - for having a smoke detector, fire extinguisher, etc.

  • Make your own bath salts. Just take epsom salts and add food coloring and your favorite fragrance. Mix well and store in a sealed container for 2 weeks before using.

  • Don't pay a premium price for your hams! Wait until after the holidays and you will be able to find very nice ones for less than 1/2 the price per pound! Don't worry about not being able to use them right away, just toss them in the freezer. So if they are close to the sell by date, you'll be ok!

  • One great way to save $ is to purchase all your appliances used! We paid $25 for our stove, $100 for our freezers, $100 for our fridge, and $100 for our washer. All were purchased AT LEAST 8 years ago, and they are still going strong! They washer and fridge were reconditioned.

  • Look for small appliances at garage sales and auctions. Make sure your plug them in to see if they work and the motor sounds in good working order.

  • Don't be pulled in by the advertising of high cost cosmetics. Many times the cheaper ones are just as good! Check the ingredients listings - you may be surprised to find the exact same thing at a much lower price!

  • Many times when I'm shopping for "unisex" clothes like sweats, t-shirts, etc., I'll go to the men's department. You can get the exact same thing for lots less! Also, if you need white dress shirts, go to the men's department. They are cheaper - and cheaper to dry clean!!!

  • I always start my next year's Christmas and Birthday shopping right after Christmas. Things go way down in price - and you can get some great bargains! I bought my daughter the most adorable remote controlled (Yup - you read it right!) jewelry box for $6 - it was regular $30!

  • Don't buy clothes in season - unless you absolutely have to! You can get them below 1/4 of the price during off season sales.

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