Tweezle's Chickens

We started our chicken collection quite by accident. My brother called on October and told me that his hen had hatched out a chick. Being October, it would probably die, so if I wanted it, I could have it. That was all it took. That one little chick started us down the path of wanting more chickens for eggs as well as meat. Mind you, that chick became a pet that would always have it good here, but the others were supposed to have another more practical purpose. That was until our "chicken lady" came along and made them ALL into pets!

Our chicken lady.

Chicker, a red bantam cochin (L.) was our first chicken. She's a wonderful pet, and a fantastic mother. She is responsible for starting it all!

Barred Rocks (r.) have been here in the US since the time of the pilgrims.

Black Sex-links are a cross between a Rhode Island Red and a Barred Rock. The females are black.

This is Blue. She's a Blue Silkie. Silkies are great mothers and extremely soft to touch. Notice the feathers. They lack the "barbs" that make a normal feather, creating a more "furry" look.

This is our rooster, White. He's also a Blue silkie, and a ham for pictures (as you can probably tell in the other photos!)

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