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Thanksgiving Units

November Fun
Thanksgiving Unit
A Time to Give Thanks
Thanksgiving - A History of Today's Celebration
Teaching About Thanksgiving
The First Thanksgiving Proclaimation
Thanksgiving - A Focus on Clothing
Thanksgiving Writing Activities

Historical Information

Experience Colonial Life
The Mayflower Compact
Kate Answers Kids Questions
Plimoth Plantation
Voyage on the Mayflower
The Plymouth Colony Archive Project
A Walking Tour of Plimoth Plantation
Mayflower Web Page

Thanksgiving Stories & Poems

An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving - by Louisa May Alcott
A Thanksgiving Easter Egg - by Jeffery Kelly
Goodbye Pumpkin Pie
Thanksgiving Poetry
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales

Thanksgiving Crafts

MR. TURKEY Candy Dispenser - Make a fun candy dispenser out of a Whoppers box, pompoms and a few other items.
Mayflower Ship - Uses styrofoam meat tray, and other itmes around the house.
Pilgrim Hat - Make this out of construction paper and a paper plate.
Pilgrim Puppets - Made from toilet tissue rolls.
Pilgrim Hat Candy Cup - Made from styrofoam or paper cups.
Thanksgiving Crafts - 7 different crafts
Thanksgiving Activities - 11 different crafts
Thanksgiving Crafts - 5 different Crafts
Five Thanksgiving Projects

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving No-Brainer
A No-Fuss Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Foods Kids Can Make
Epicurious Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Survival Guide


Thanksgiving Coloring Book - 6 different pages to color.
Thanksgiving Themes and Activities for Kids - This site contains many activities for preschool to early elementary.
Billy Bear's Happy Thanksgiving - A fun place for the kids! There are games, puzzles, crafts, paper fun, Thanksgiving downloads and great links for Thanksgiving.
Just For Kids Thanksgiving Issue - Nice online magazine for Thanksgiving.
Holiday Zone Thanksgiving - Arts and crafts, finger plays, and lots of activities.

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