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Vspacer Gif Children's Crafts

Below are a list of crafts that my children love to do. I have no idea where they came from, so I cannot give credit to any sources. I hope you enjoy them as much as my children and I have.


Materials needed:

1 large piece of construction paper
Assorted old magazines
Glue or Tape
Marker or crayons


Fold paper in half to make a book.  On front cover write the child's
name and what they are thankful for.  Example "Sally can say "Thank
You God for the food you give" and have the child paste a picture or 
pictures of food on the page or pages.  This has been a great 
learning tool for my children!  It makes them understand what God
gave us, and what is materialism.


Materials needed:

White pillow case (or color of your choice)
Fabric crayons


As your child memorizes his/her Bible verses, have him/her write
each verse on the pillow case with the fabric crayons.  When the
case has as many verses as desired, set the crayon into the fabric
according to manufacturer's directions.  You will find your child
will want to learn more so that he/she can fill the case up!


Materials needed:

White t-shirt
Fabric crayons
White paper or coloring book picture


Give your child a blank piece of paper or a favorite picture out of
a coloring book.  Have the child draw and color the picture, (or 
color the picture from the coloring book) witht the fabric crayons.
After the picture is finished, preheat iron according to manufacturer's
directions.  Put the paper colored side down onto the shirt and 
transfer the picture to the shirt (again according to manufacturer's
directions).  When transferring, please make sure you have a piece of
cardboard, or another protective item inside the shirt to protect
from color bleeding.  Kids are so proud of wearing their own art work.

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