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Used Books and Curriculum Links

ABC Books - Great site for finding "Living Books"

Advanced Book Exchange - World's Largest Source of out of print material. I have used this many times with great results! A must for those that need an out of print book!

Affordable Used Books - All books are used and there is a $3 minimum purchase.

All Used Curriculum Board - Materials for all subjects and all age groups.

Amy's Homeschool Garage Sale - Has a nice little selection of books and she will even trade if you have something off her wish list.

Barb's Used Books - Huge selection of books, but shipping is on a per book basis.

Bear's Den Used Books - I've purchased from Barb. She's a great lady! Make sure to sign up for her email notifications.

- Beloved Books' new home, and it's full of great books including many living books just waiting to be adopted. Prices are reasonable with specials for registered customers. I recommend this seller.

Beverly's Used Curriculum - Has section of 50 and 75 cent books plus her "wish list" as well as a section for "Training our Daughters" items for sale.

Bonnie's Books and More - Contains many books and curriculum. She also has a list that notifies you when her inventory is updated.

Carty's Curriculum Corner - Nice webpage and easy to navigate. Specials are run every so often and prices are good. Accepts VISA & MC, PayPal. $5.00 minimum order

Charisse's Books for Sale - I've purchased from Charisse and have had great service! Prices are good.

CHEAP - Christian Home Educators' Advertising Pages - Buy, sell, barter new & used home school books, curriculum & supplies!

Christian Curriculum Cellar - Contains new and used curriculum. Even has a trade-in program for your unwanted books. Plus there's a Keepers At Home Bulletin Board.

Debbie's Used Curriculum and Books - Debbie's new "home" on the web.

Derri's Discoveries - I've purchased from here before and was very pleased with the service. Also takes Paypal.

Great Lakes Books - Lots of used books for Sonlight as well as the AR program.

Heather's Homeschool Hideout - Long list of items, but since she has had lots of bounced checks, she requires money orders.

Home School Books - Site made to help others sell their books. Easy to read listings! - For Sale/Wanted to buy message board.

Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap - Site contains curriculum Ads and numerous forums! I've purchased books off these ads with great success, and the forums are very informative.

Idobooks - Nice site that is easy to navigate. I've purchased from Diane and you can pay with credit card, paypal, or the standard.

Kathy's Book Haven - Kathy buys only used books in good condition, as she sets a high standard. Prices run about half the cover price.

KMS BOOKS! - A veteran homeschooler with lots of good books at nice prices. Make sure to look at the math program they offer for download as well as her links.

Linda's Used Books - Linda and her 11 year old son look for books to list and have some great titles at good prices!

Mommy! Will You Read To Me? - This site is a fantastic place to look for books! I've found ones I've been looking for that I couldn't find anywhere else. Vicki is a wonderful person to work with, and her books are priced from $1 - $1.75! You can even pay by PayPal. This site is a must see!

ReadItAgainBooks - This is an email list, and although I normally don't promote them, this seller is one of the best in my opinion. I've purchased from Chris for years, and she's fantastic! She's nice, has great prices, and no hidden costs. Postage is included in prices. She accepts Paypal.

Valerie's Living Books - Great resource for Living and older out of print books.

VegSource Boards - Different boards broken down by grade to buy/sell used curriculum as well as misc. items. Also different community boards for unschooling, CM, etc.

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