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Tweezle's Picks

Four-Season Harvest: How to Harvest Fresh Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long - by Eliot Coleman

This is a fantastic book for the home gardener! I've borrowed it from the library so many times that I've finally decided to buy it. It is one of those books you go back to again and again! Coleman is known for his organic gardening techniques, and he is fantastic! His ideas are easy enough for the beginner and yet interesting enough for the advanced gardener. This book is loaded with ideas and techniques to continue to grow foods all year long. If you are wondering about your area being too cold, Coleman is located in Maine, and he harvests all year. By using the techniques in this book, you will not have to worry about canning and freezing - but will be able to harvest fresh vegetables all year long!

Just this year, Coleman revised this book, and it is packed with more information than ever!! It has color pictures and illustrations, plus since the last book came out, Coleman has perfected some of his techniques.

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The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History - by Cynthia Shearer and Rob Shearer

This book is outstanding with they way it handles teaching children about the Old Testament! I am amazed at what it contains, how easy it is to use, and how much I am learning along with my family. If you want a great book to use to teach your child the Bible - here it is!

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