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Science Links

ABC Science - Contains a wide collection of articles and activities.
Africanized Honey Bees on the Move Lesson Plans - These lesson plans were developed to familarize students with honey bees and bee safety issues through a variety of interesting activities.
Amazing Insects Project - Join this 3rd grade class and learn about insects.
Association of Science-Technology Centers - Has information to over 400 Hands-On Science museums!
Backyard Astronomy: Tips on Observing the Universe - Designed to help beginners get oriented and to help skygazers of all levels get the most out of observing the heavens.
Bill Nye The Science Guy - Lots of science information including "Demo of the Day".
The Biology Project - An online interactive resource for learning biology.
The Black Hole Gang - This site introduces four kids and a dog named Newton who are crazy about science, and points kids and their teachers to some of the best kid-friendly science on the web. My kids love this site!
Boston Museum of Science - Contains exhibits and even has a teacher's area that has some neat experiments to try!
Cats - Site shows bone structure of cats and provides many links to similar sites. CAUTION: pro evolution theory.
CHEM4KIDS! - Great site to find out information for chemistry. Also has links to BIOLOGY4KIDS and PHYSICS4KIDS!
Chez Marco's Botanical Diversity - A site one must see! Too much information to explain. Need plant info? Here's the place to visit.
Conchologists of America -- Conch-Net HomePage - If you think shells are beautiful and would like to know more about them, or you've always loved the ocean, then this page is for you.
Creation Science Series - Has a few activities, and an overview of their books that are for sale. Unit studies are designed for K-12.
Dragonfly Web Pages - For investigators of all ages. These pages go with Dragonfly magazine, but you do not need the magazine to have fun here.
EDP Virtual Earthquake - introduces you to the concepts of how an earthquake EPICENTER is located and how the RICHTER MAGNITUDE of an earthquake is determined.
EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE PROJECTS - If you want to know how or why something works or see something, and wonder what causes it or why it happens, the here is a basic introductory level guide for doing a science project.
Frank Potter's Science Gems - Wonderful site for grades K-16. Contains classroom resources and free lesson plans.
The Franklin Institute Science Museum - Don't miss this! Has online exhibits, unit studies, ask an expert, science activities and so much more!
Honey Bees and Beekeeping - A very informative site! If you're studying bees, this site is a must!
Hubble Space Telescope Pictures - Digital versions of pictures taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.
The Interactive Frog Dissection - The name says it all.
The Invention Dimension! - Good and fun info on inventions and inventors.
Monarch Watch - So much information about the Monarch butterfly - from migration to helping Monarchs to White Monarchs!
The Nature.Net Forums - These forums provide a place for nature enthusiasts to share their experiences. You can find forums here such as these: butterflies, hummingbirds, by the sea, the Wildlife Garden, etc.
The Net Vet & The Electonic Zoo - What a great site for finding animal resources and Veterinary Medical resources.
...of Bees, Beekeepers, and Food - A great site to learn about bees. Includes activities, experiments, materials and even a game.
The Pollination Home Page - Lots of practical pollination info on bees and pollination.
The Pollination Scene - Practical Pollination Tips and Information.
Robert Krampf's Science Education Company - A great science resource! Don't forget to sign up for the free experiment of the week list!
Science for Home Schools - Contains complete dissection guides and some home school experiments.
Science Learning Network - Contains 6 museums to visit and has some wonderful resources about hurricanes, volcanoes, pH, even a disection of a cow eye!!
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit - Even has a frog builder game.
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit Version 2.0 - Need to dissect a frog and can't find one? Go to this site, and dissect a virtual frog!
Virtual Frog Dissection: Interactive 3D - Dissect a 3D frog!
Whelmers Science Activities - A nice collection of science activities. As stated by the page, these are "activities that will catch the eye and mind of even the most indifferent student".
Worm World - My kids love this site. Full of information and humor!
Yucky, Gross & Cool Body - A really cool site to teach human anatomy to kids. This is my children's favorite link! You may want to check it out yourself before you let your child go there, as this site lives up to its name.

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