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History and Geography Links

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50 U.S. States and Capitals - This is a great link, telling such information as state bird, books, border states, flag, flower, Governor, etc. A great help with state history!
The American West - The History and Development of the American West, from the Frontier and Pioneer days of the Wild West, to today's Modern West.
Chronological History for Homeschool - A Great history site with links to sites chronologically ordered from biblical history to the present!
Civil War Lesson Plans - Excellent site about the Civil War containing lesson plan, photographs, links, diary, etc.
Colonial America 1600-1776 - Nice site helping you with discussion and research starters as well as activities and books for the Colonial period.
Color Landform Atlas of the United States - contains shaded relief maps, county maps, B&W maps, satellite images, 1895 maps, and PostScript maps.
Cool Spots - This is a really neat site! Visit the Culture Shock and find all kinds of interesting places to visit and people to meet. This is a great place to spend LOTS of time.
Flags - Studying flags? Here's an interesting link to flags of different countries, uses, etc.
Geo-Globe Interactive Geography - Contains geography games that cover a wide range of geography-related topics, so everyone should find something of interest!
Geography World - This is a link to their games page. Tons of great geography games can be found here. Visit their main page for more great information!
Geography and Map Literacy - Contains links to Map Curricula, US Maps, and World Maps. This is a great resource!
Graphic Maps - Contains all types of maps including two dimensional maps, a featured map of the week, clip art, and a mailing list.
Helping Your Child Learn Geography - An online book to help you get ideas for activities that will use your children's play to help them learn more geography. Most activities are geared to children from 5 to 10 years of age.
Mapquest - Site contains an interactive atlas, driving directions, and a trip planner.
Maps - There are 4 blank world maps to be found here - complete with place for name, assignment, course, and section.
Mathematics of Cartography - Explains what a map is, the history of mapmaking, mathmatics used, problems to solve, and even lesson details.
Museum of Tolerance - This Holocaust resource includes frequently asked questions, a glossary, a timeline, articles, and more. With nearly 200 original photographs, many never before seen by the general public, The Courage to Remember online exhibit includes a resource guide for teachers.
National Geographic Online - No explanation needed for this page! Just like the magazine - a wonderful resource.
Presidents of the United States - Information for all the Presidents in US History.
State Lesson Plan - "Let Me Tell You About My State" - An outline containing overview, purpose, activities, objectives, etc.
This Day in History - What happened today 10 years ago? Twenty years ago? Fifty? Find out here! This is a really "cool" site, as my son says!
U.S. Census Population Topics - Contains many interesting Population facts. You will find a PopClock that shows today's US and World population, population estimates, projections, census test results, etc.
U.S. Historical Documents - A Chronology of US Historical Documents from Pre-colonial times to the Present! A wealth of information here!!!
White House for Kids - Take a tour of the White House given by Spotty. India,Barney and Ofelia all have something to share with the kids, too. A cute and informative site that really appeals to my children.
The Woolwine-Moen Group - Contains graphic maps and world atlas maps/images. Has featured map of the wee, clip art, custom made maps, etc.

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