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Arts and Crafts Links

Activities and Crafts from the Teel Family - The Teel Family always has such neat things on their page. A must see site!
Art History - Contains Art History 101, art styles and different art periods.
Art Kids Rule - Site for both kids and teachers - art arcade, lesson plans, forums, tutors, and more.
Art Lesson Plans - Lesson plans from
Art Lesson Plans - Pre-K to high school lesson plans from
Art On-Air - Lesson plans for African masks, bookmaking, gestural line drawing, and much more.
@rtroom Doorway - This site is as unique as it's name. Has fun links like @rtrageous Thinking, @rtSparkers, @rtifacts, and more.
Arts and Crafts - A great link to find such projects such as a rainstick, fall lanterns, sun catcher, and more! These projects are easy to do and would make nice gifts.
ArtsEdge - A unique site linking the Arts and Education through technology.
Bath Oil and Related Recipes - Lots of easy projects the kids can do. Even a recipe for Soap Crayons.
Bluebonnet Village - You can find suppliers, kids projects, news, and information on crafting all in one link!
Bouguereau, William-Adolphe - A bio and his paintings. Part of the CGFA.
CGFA - Carol Gerten's Fine Art - A virtual art museum.
Candle and Soap Making - Great resource for both Candle making and Soap making. For all skill levels. Has lots of great ideas including wax recycling, kids projects, Aromatherapy, soap history, and much more.
Christmas Page - Christmas Projects, Gift Ideas, Decorating Tips, and Recipes.
Colorworm Teaches About Color and Light - Free online book for children that explains the spectrum, color wheel and painter's palette.
Cool Spots - Don't miss this link of links! You can find great places and activities here: Animation 101, Get In touch with your Creative Side, Leonardo's World, and more!
Craft Exchange - Almost 300 projects and ideas for all crafting skill levels. Found some really neat projects here that the kids loved!!
Crafts For Kids - Tons of great projects for kids. You can find just about anything here!
Crayola Art Education - Great site to find information on Art techniques, lessons, etc.
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids - Site is full of printable crafts, coloring pages, and E-Cards for children ages 2 and up.
Draw and Color with Uncle Fred - This is a cute page, with step-by-step instructions to draw a bunny rabbit, baby chick, happy puppy and more! There are even pages to color.
Drawing/Sketching Teacher's Lessons - From, this site is full of art ideas and instruction.
Dream Catcher - For those who want an easy Native American project, you will like this link. It contains not only the instructions, but also the legend.
Early Childhood Art Lessons - Some really neat ideas here - from infant on up!
Explore Art - The art class on the web! A must see. Different lessons for each artist: Picasso, Andrew Wyeth, etc.
Family Fun - There are numerous activities to do here, and for different age groups. Has a great search that has you choose a topic and your child's age and searches to make what you are looking for easy to find.
Glitter Domes - Part of Pitter Patter's craft library - these are those great "snow balls" we made as kids.
Global Children's Art Gallery - Really neat site that has a children's art gallery where your child can send in pictures.
Home Page of Bob Speel - Dedicated mainly to 19th century art, especially Pre-Raphaelites and illustration, but more broadly Victorian and Edwardian paintings, sculpture, architecture and other arts.
Home Sewing Association Free Projects - Nice sewing projects from Lunch Tote, Pillow in a Quilt, Charmer Pin, and many more!
Idea Box - Early childhood education and activity resources.
Inside Art: An Art History Game - A unique approach to art history.
Just Craft Recipes - Need a recipe for body paint? How about a crystal garden? Lots of great recipes for crafts!
Joseph Wu's Origami Page - Learn Origami (the Japanese art of paper folding).
Kid's Corner - Lots of really nice crafts for kids from
Kids Kreate - Really nice site that has crafts for older kids. Many would be great for units and 4-H.
KinderArt - Great site for early education art. Make sure you see the Didgeridoo!!!
Looking At Painting - Part of of 3 part series that takes you inside the minds of 14 artists.
Louvre Museum - Official site of the Louvre.
Marilee's Paperdolls Page - Need paperdolls to enhance a unit? How about just giving the kids something to play with? Fantastic site!!!
Michaels Kids Club Online - Projecs and other fun things from Michaels.
Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids - This site is full of projects: paper dolls, seasonal projects, tie dye projects, beadie critters, etc. A great site for scout leaders, Sunday school teachers, and, of course, home schoolers!
The Metropolitan Museum Of Art - New York's famous museum online.
NGA Kids - A section from the National Gallery of Art made just for kids with activities, projects and more!
Our Place in the World - The first of ten curriculum units, together called Stories of Art, developed for elementary and secondary teachers.
Pack-o-Fun - Here is a link that contains projects from Pack-O-Fun. My children love the magazine, and here are some projects online!
Projects for the Kids - I found a couple of kids projects here, but there are also links to other areas: Projects for Crafty Folks, Projects for Preschoolers, etc.
Quilt Block Central - Free quilt blocks from all around the net! Great resource for a prairie or Amish unit!
Refrigerator to Renoir: Great Art Lessons on the Net - Teach valuable art concepts without being a professional artist.
Yes, I teach - Lesson Plans for different holidays and events. Some great ideas here!
You Can Make Paper - Make recycled paper with Beakman and Jax, plus many more activities. This site is at, so a safe scooter window will open. Great site for science!

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